Bananas Parade through NYC

Would you stop if you saw bananas walking down the street? That’s right on January 6th over seventy people in banana suits marched from Times Square to a Jamba Juice store in the Flatiron district. Jamba Juice is launching new Jamba Kids Meals and this was their way to get the word out. Along their march the bananas handed out orange earmuffs with the Jamba Juice logo. Earlier in the day Jamba Juice CEO rang the NASDAQ opening bell.  The company also donated gym equipment to four Harlem grade schools.

This consumer event definitely brought attention to this new launch. How could you not be curious about 74 bananas walking around NYC? Consumer events are one type of marketing that companies use today. Typically these events take place when a brand is launching a new product since they create such a buzz.

USA Network released groups of women wearing white trench coats, red fedoras and stilettos into high traffic areas of New York, Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia to promote the series premier of Covert Affairs. These women passed out cards with information on the premier to the public who was intrigued by women pretending to be spies. The event definitely caught the attention of many people since Covert Affairs had one of the best-watched premiers that year. Would this have intrigued you enough to watch the show?

Covert Affairs NYC


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