The Almighty and Powerful #Hashtag: a valuable tool to promote events!

Hashtags are quickly becoming a part of every event whether it is a TV show or a baseball game. These single words or phrases that follow a # sign are used to designate key words or topics of a tweet. By including hashtags a topic is now searchable on twitter and has the possibility to become a trending topic. An algorithm that chooses topics that are popular at the moment determines a trending topic.

Now that we have the groundwork of what hashtags are and how they work its time to move onto events that use hashtags. I don’t think I have seen anything on TV lately that doesn’t have a hashtag attached to it. Whether it is the Grammy’s or the World Series hashtags are all around. If a company can help it they aim to control what their hashtag is. Most of the time they work their hashtag into the banding materials for the event in order to promote it. This is probably the cheapest form of marketing they use. All they have to do is encourage attendees to tweet and they get instant marketing.

I find it interesting to search the different hashtags in order to see what people are saying about a certain topic. At the moment the hashtag #IWishICouldMeet is trending but if there was a major event happening that would be trending. Just wait until the next award show and that will most likely be the trending topic.

Grammy's Hashtag

Grammy’s Hashtag


Photo by LG Patterson, courtesy of


Hashtag Infographic


2 thoughts on “The Almighty and Powerful #Hashtag: a valuable tool to promote events!

  1. Twitter is quite unique amongst the social media networks in that it encourages users to add to it as they are participating in their activities. When I lead a panel discussion I always tell people to feel free to tweet during the event. (Of course, I ask them to use our hashtag). It can be a little unnerving at first, watching your audience typing away on their mobiles whilst you are speaking, but this is a great way to turn an audience into active participants. #hereiswonder

    • Thanks for reading my blog. I know the first time I went to an event that people were live tweeting I thought they were being so rude texting while a panel of people were speaking. Little did I know they were engaging in their own way.

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