Tips for Successful Twitter Chats

Twitter Chats are when twitter users discuss an area of interest on Twitter at a certain time.  This type of marketing is gaining popularity.  It allows brands to interact with their consumers. Here are a few tips for successful Twitter Chats:

1.     Decide and plan what you chat will be about

It may take a while to come up with a chat idea since there are already so many twitter chats out there.

2.     Choose the right topic

You want your chat to be about a topic that people care about.  The topic of your chat should pertain to your brand.

3.     Be real

Choose a topic that you are passionate about so the chat is genuine.

4.     Stick to a schedule

Most chats are once a week for an hour but you may choose whenever you would like your chat to be just be consistent

5.     Plan ahead but don’t be afraid to change

You will most likely want to stick to one topic however since it is a live conversation the topic may change.

6.     Thank your participants

At the end of the chat you should thank all your participants.

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