A new Twitter trend: Fake vs. Official Accounts

A new trend on Twitter is fake accounts for famous people.  Many times these fake accounts have more followers than the famous people’s official accounts. The fake Queen Elizabeth on Twitter has more followers than the official British Monarchy account.

The Shorty Awards’ made an infographic comparing fake Twitter accounts of famous people and brands to the official Twitter accounts.

When they were analyzing the fake and official accounts the Short Awards’ found that the parody accounts for certain companies such as ESPN and CNN tweeted more than the actual companies did.

Most people follow the parody accounts as a source of entertainment and laughs. If you are confused if an account is real of not you can check for the official verified check mark on the account’s Twitter header. You may be fooled by a quick look at an account with a photo-shopped check mark.

Most recently, the Pope’s fake Twitter account tricked a lot of people into thinking the new pope was tweeting. Don’t be fooled by these fake accounts unless all you are looking for just laughs.



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