10 Fascinating Twitter Statistics

I was reading an article on the Huffington Post website about social media statistics and decided I would share the 10 I found interesting.

10 Twitter Statistics:

  1. The average Twitter user has tweeted 307 times. (source: Diego Basch’s Blog)
  2. 56 percent of customer tweets to companies are being ignored. (sources: AllTwitter)
  3. Top 3 countries on Twitter are the USA at 107 million, Brazil 33 million and Japan at nearly 30 million. (source: Jeff Bullas)
  4. 32 percent of all Internet users are using Twitter. (source: Marketing Land)
  5. The most followed brand on Twitter is YouTube with 19 million followers. (source: All Twitter)
  6. Twitter is projected to make a total of $540 million in advertising revenue by 2014. (source: Web Analytics World)
  7. In 2012, 1 million accounts are added to Twitter everyday. (source: Infographics Labs)
  8. 11 accounts are created every second on Twitter. (source: Infographics Labs)
  9. 50 percent of Twitter users are using the social network via mobile. (source: Microsoft tag)
  10. 34 percent of marketers have generated leads using Twitter. (source: Digital Buzz Blog)


Huffington Post Article


2 thoughts on “10 Fascinating Twitter Statistics

  1. I’m intrigued by fact #10…it’s really amazing how marketing and advertising align themselves so directly with social media! I think soon more companies will realize the importance of keeping up with their Twitter accounts. And with a little luck, customer tweets won’t fly under the radar for too much longer!

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