Paperless Conferences, a New Trend

In 2012 Hallmark themed their Gold Crown Retail Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada “Get Connected”. Every attendee received a new Apple iPad with the preloaded app in order for the conference to be paperless.  The app allowed attendees to access PDFs as well as maps and surveys.  The app was also interactive allowing attendees to message each other and provide instant feedback on sessions they attended.

In order to get participants to learn about the functions of the app the developers incorporated a game like tutorial awarding points for completing tasks. If they messaged other attendees, uploaded photos, checked into sessions or downloaded other Hallmark apps they were awarded points. The points could be put towards prizes.

Hallmark launched Go Cards, a free iPhone app that allows people to personalize and send paper cards, one month after the conference.  The retailers who attended the conference had already mastered the new app so they are able to show customers all its features.

All in all the conference was a huge success. I mean who wouldn’t want to save trees and get a free iPad?


Hallmark Get Connected App

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