“Orange Everywhere” Taking Marketing from the Show to the Streets of San Diego!

Jacobsen, a Textron Inc. Company with over 90 years in the turf maintenance industry, created quite a buzz this February with their guerilla marketing campaign.  At the Golf Industry Show in San Diego, CA Jacobsen showcased their six new and enhanced products. Their booth even had a test track to try out the equipment.

Jacobsen booth

Jacobsen did not stop at the convention when it came to marketing. Their goal was to blanket the city of San Diego in Jacobsen orange. They started at the convention center by parking branded muscle cars in public parking spaces. Everyone who visited the Jacobsen booth inside was given orange wristbands to wear. Once the participants left the convention brand ambassadors gave out prizes to people who were wearing the wristbands. The prizes ranged from t-shirts during the day and Visa gift cards at night. Participants wearing the wristbands around the city also got free rides in the city in branded pedicabs and concierge services.


Handing out Jacobsen wristbands inside the show

Jacobsen brand ambassadors

Jacobsen brand ambassadors on the streets of San Diego

Jacobsen pedicab

Jacobsen pedicab


Jacobsen branded muscle cars

This campaign definitely grew the presence of the Jacobsen brand not only at the Golf Industry Show but all around the city of San Diego.

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