Verizon’s Mobile Marketing-SoCal Experience

Verizon’s fleet of vehicles hit the road this March. It all started with one 1965 Volkswagen and has since grown to include a Jeep Wrangler and a Sprinter van.  Each vehicle is wrapped with “Iron Man 3” graphics. The vehicles are equipped with FiOS Internet and TVs. Each vehicle will travel to different events such as community events, festivals, business mixers and residential neighborhoods throughout Palm Springs, Riverside and High Desert.

This mobile marketing experience is unique because Verizon has integrated three non-profit organizations-The Boys and Girls Club of Victor Valley, Guide Dogs of the Desert, and Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley. Each organization has chosen two projects they would like to accomplish. At the SoCal Experience participants will vote for the project they would like to see Verizon fulfill. Verizon is donating at least $5,000 to each organization.

People who attend the events can enter to win tickets the premiere of “Iron Man 3” on April 24th along with other prizes. There is also a contest called Conquer your Creativity Sweepstakes, where people can design graphics for a beach bike, skate or surfboard. Each week a winner is chosen and they will win the item they submitted the design for.

Verizon has been doing this program for four years. They are able to show their support of local communities as well as gain new customers. So far it has been very successful for them.

VerizonJeep VerizonVan

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Marketing on Wheels: Mobile Marketing Tours

Companies are always looking for a way to engage the public and get them to interact with their brands. Mobile marketing tours have been around for years and each year there are added components to the tours. Recently companies are using Facebook to inform people what cities the mobile tour will be stopping in. By posting the tour stops on Facebook it gives people the opportunity to share the information with friends and family who may live near one of the tour stops. In 2012 many companies did mobile tours and here are just a few that stood out to me:

Stonyfield’s Know Your Food mobile tour:

This mobile tour gave participants a chance to sample Stonyfield’s organic yogurt and play a healthy food game. Stonyfield donated a dollar to FoodCorps for every person who took a picture the green screen photo station. This tour allowed people to interact with the brand.


Duck Tape® Rolls Across America Tour:

The Duck Bus made its way across the country to celebrate 70 years of the company. On the bus people were able to learn about the brand’s history and view products made using Duck Tape. Outside the bus people made crafts using Duck Tape. Cutout characters made of Duck Tape were also on display for people to take pictures with.

The “Adults Only” DOVE® Ice Cream Truck

This tour was aimed at people 18 years or older as an escape from their day. Participants were invited onto the truck where they could enjoy a quick massage or manicure. After they leave the truck they are treated to samples of DOVE® Ice Cream.